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Your global tradepartner in fresh food

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Thanks to our good personal connections with suppliers and buyers in Southern- and Central Europe, but also in Northern- and Eastern Europe, we guarantee our customers a very high delivery reliability.


One of our specialties is the trade in all varieties of grapes, all year round and from various production areas. With our own production areas in Italy and India, we can supply grapes of the best quality for more than 9 months a year.


We can guarantee optimal quality through our specific knowledge of the grape market in Peru, Namibia and South Africa, including a network of solid trade partners.

LuBa Fresh

LuBa Fresh has been active in the international fruit industry for more than 40 years now. The market uses our knowledge, reputation and international network to trade, import and export fresh products. Every day, we strive for the best quality at the best market price. In addition, we strive for long-term relationships with our customers, focused on maximum care and efficient effectiveness.

We are personally involved in all transactions. This allows us to offer customized service and guarantee optimum quality. Thanks to our internationally highly reliable trading field, our customers can rely on the best combination of quality and price all year round.

In addition to table grapes, LuBa Fresh BV is an interesting business partner for all imported fruit. Or, as one of our loyal suppliers says: “It’s all about confidence”.

Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you with no obligation.

Kind Regards,

Luciën de Wit
CEO LuBa Fresh
Luuk de Wit
Manager Quality & Logistics


I work over 30 years with Lucien. He never, never let me down. And if there's a problem, he will fix it. Our trade is all about confidence. That's why I work with Lucien.

NikosCEO Fruits exporter - GREECE

I work since 1985 with and for Lucien. He is one of my best friends. He'll visite me very frequently and I can reach him 24/7. I trust him completely. And he will always fight for the best trade-opportunities.

Mario PerroneCEO GSM International - ITALY

For me it's very important to have a trustworthy trader in Europe. For good business with the best quality in freshfood, I can relay on Lucien. He's my trader for fruits and vegetables from Egyp, year roud. I'm very happy to work with Lucien.

MohamedCEO exporter - EGYPT

Lucien is internationally seen a major player within the grape-imports. He knows many people in our field, businesswise and personally. He always responds quickly and acts effective. That are important reasons why I work over 25 years with him.

Giuseppe AuteriCEO Guiseppe Auteri - SICILY


Grapes Italy, Greece, Egypt, South Africa, Chile, India, Namibia, Peru
Watermelons Greece, Italy
Kiwi’s Greece, Italy
Oranges Italy, Greece, Egypt, South Africa
Pomelo China
Strawberries Egypt, Greece, Italy
Peaches/Nectarine Greece, Italy

LuBaFresh offers much more. More information? Please, feel free to contact us to discuss all possibilities.



"First Italian grapes barely touched the ground"



"An early start means Indian grape volumes will quickly decline from early April"



"Clients are fighting over the first Egyptian strawberries"



"Supply of good quality grapes down 30-40%"



"Good expectations for Italian grape season"



“Fewer than expected Indian grapes being shipped”



"Effect of lower Dutch strawberry supply is being felt; Egyptian ones in greater demand as that season starts"



"In Italy, switching to seedless grapes is gaining momentum"



"Italian grape season starts after tough Indian season"



"Limited air freight availability is severely hindering Egyptian strawberry season"



"Europe's grape consumption disappoints, but it's almost time for peak sales weeks"



"First Black Magic and Victoria grapes arrive from Sicily"



"Indian grape prices fall, despite lower supply"

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First Italian Gapes off the season! - Mai 2024


Team LuBa Fresh Visiting Grapes partner in India, Nashik!


India, Nashik - 2024


Father & Son: Lucien de Wit & Luuk de Wit from LuBa Fresh @ Fruit Attraction Madrid 2023


Team LuBa Fresh present at Fruit Attraction Madrid, Spain - October 2023


Annual business partner meeting @ Fruit Attraction Madrid - October 2023


Luuk de Wit on behalf of LuBa Fresh present at Expo Peru North 2023 in Puira,Peru - June 2023


Luciën & Luuk de Wit present at FRUIT LOGISTICA Berlin, Germany - February 2023


Luciën & Luuk de Wit at Fruit Attraction Madrid, Spain - October 2022


Luuk & Luciën de Wit visiting together with Mario Peronne (Partner in Italy) the packhouse of La Pernice, Italy - August 2022


Lucien visit GRAPE - PARTNER in Puglia/Italy - 09/2021


Visit at GEVA packhouse - with the three brothers - 08/2021


Quality check grape packhouse in India - 03/2020


Farm visit N.D.Exports in India - 03/2020


Grape packhouse in India - 01/2019


Grape packhouse in India - 01/2019


Fruit Attraction Madrid - 10/2018


More than 20 years friends and businesspartners. Lucien de wit and Giuseppe Auteri, grape producer in Sicily, Italy - 05/2017


Indian grape arrival in Venlo, NL - 03/2018


Lucien with Giovanni Bertoli from Bertoli Fruit - 09/2016 - Sicily


Grape packhouse in Namibia - 11/2015


Grapes from Galletto, more than 20 years a corporation between Lucien and this grapes producer in Sicily


Strawberry production field in Egypt - 12/2015


Italian grape producer shows his grapes - 2008


Giuseppe Auteri more than 20 years business partner


Mario Perrone shows the grapes special packed for the east countries in plastic boxes


Harvest of the melons - 05/2016


Packing grapes at Pack house business partner Nile Valley - Egypt


Pack house of Oranges - South Africa - 2013


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